Pokka Green Tea 1.5 Ltr x 12 Pcs

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Pokka green tea 100 % real brewed from selected premium green tea leave .7g/100ml with sugar content to complement healthy lifestyle.
Pokka Green Tea 1.5L delivers the superior taste you have come to love. Its blend of aromatic jasmine with the highest quality green tea promises a refreshing enjoyment with natural antioxidant goodness.infused with reak aromatic jasmine flowers for a delightful enjoyment.

Pokka green tea benefits

    • Weight loss – speeds up your metabolism and cuts the belly fat.
    • Clear skin – gives a smooth complexion by reviving dying skin cells.
    • Clean teeth – reduces the risk of gum diseases
    • Sharper memory – improves long-term memory. 

Pokka green tea has a ton of catechins, antioxidants that’ll help prevent ageing and help fight diseases. It’s all made from 100% brewed tea leaves that are gently infused with jasmine flowers. Your taste buds will appreciate the richness of the green tea, especially when it’s lightly sweetened to help combat any bitterness. And the best part of drinking Pokka green tea  is that it’s chock-full of catechins. This isn’t some pseudo-science word that means absolutely nothing, since catechins have been proven to help reduce the risk of health diseases and ageing problems.The Secret Ingredient in Green Tea That Makes It Even Healthier ... amount of catechins), then consider POKKA Jasmine Green Tea.

Whether you want a brighter smile or a fast-burning metabolism, the catechins found in green tea will help move things along the right direction. It’s an easy source of catechins too, compared to other pricier foods that also have antioxidants, like blueberries, dark chocolate, and red wine. As much as we all enjoy brewing our own cups of tea, complete with teapot, scented candle, and all – we don’t have enough hours in a day to do this. And that’s why we turn to Pokka green tea  for an easy pick-me-up that’s conveniently bottled. POKKA offers more than just the classic Pokka  Jasmine Green Tea too – try flavours like Peppermint Green Tea, or Honey Green Tea. They also have No Sugar variations of Jasmine Green Tea and Japanese Green Tea, for those who prefer drinking their tea straight.You can buy it in bulk and wholesale rate on local online sites like wholesalesg and Retailsg. Shop for Pokka  Jasmine Green Tea or another products from wholesalesg online. Singapore's trusted grocery retailer and wholesaler.Get all Drinks in wholesale price like Drinking water, Coca-cola, 100 Plus, Healthy Drinks, Ice lemon tea, Milk product, Green tea, Pepsi, Energy Drinks and all in a place.


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